27 and unemployed


written 09/01/2017

 There's a slilver lining in everything we at first think it's the worst. Of course when something bad happens, right at that moment, nothing seems to make it better and all you think about, is how your world and all of your plans just fell apart. After talking about it and getting everything out of your sistem, you begin to see the good in the bad.
Like for instance, it's September the first, and if I was still employed, I wouldn't be enjoying this totally Fallish day and a cup of tiramisu for breakfast. It also wouldn't be a start of first Friday in forever, which is followed by Saturday AND Sunday when I don't have to go to work - at all! For the last year and a half, every weekend was a working weekend. Imagine the joy.
Another silver lining is that I don't have to deal about stuff that's not worth half a fuck.

Yesterday, the last day of August was (sadly) also the last day of celebrating my birthday, and the silver lining in that, is that the amount of junk food gets reduced by a milion! Haha, ok enough with the silver lining! But for real I'm sad all the celebrations are over because I love how everyone took the time, got together and you know, just had fun. I'm grateful for all the birthday love and the people I can share it with. As long as I have that, I don't mind being unemployed. But not for too long, because I do get bored, and momma need some money. Man, money sucks!

Unemployed or not, plans change all the time and I'll just make the best of it. I'm still super excited for what's comming next for me and I can't wait to tell you all! Now, if you don't mind, on a day like this, I'll be updating my closet, summer stuff OUT and Fall stuff IN! Yay!! #teamFall

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