written 08/16/2017


Me: few days away from 27, cleaning my salty face, getting ready to go to bed soon.

Her: visibly in her late thirties, applying make up and making finishing touches on her outfit, presumably, for a date night with her boyfriend slash friends.

Should it be the other way around?

Well nothing is ever how it should be, that's all I know.

It was funny to see that, that's for sure. It reminded me how I used to be on my vacations. Doing someting, anything, all the time, from the beach, to drinks, more beach, this place, that place, party every night, constantly in movement.
These vacations though, it's all about relaxing BIG time. I really needed that. Good book, make-up free, early mornings on beach, lazing around, picking up figs for breakfast,..I also tried to colour one of those colouring books that are super popular right now, but it's not as relaxing as I tought it would be, because I keept going across the line?! That fuckin' pisses me off.
Still kinda fun.

Would you believe me if I told you, that today I fainted and it was probably the first strong indictator that I'm getting old? Ok ok, you wouldn't, but I really did faint, just the reason was slightly different.
I'm not 100% sure what the real reason was, but looking back at it and connecting all the dots, I can safely say it was because of dehydration. Normally I drink more than enough water everyday, besides milk and some juice here and there, water is all I drink, but for some reason, that day, I drank only sip or two. God knows why. Anyways, it was super hot, we were walking up a hill from the beach to our car to head back home, and all of a sudden I got the worst feeling in my life. I had absolutely no control over my mind or my body, and it was such a luck my mom was there and there were two nice italians passing by who helped us. Scariest moment for sure.

It's not normal for me not to have control over myself, and that's what scared me the most. I'm so used to have everything under control and before today, I never even thought of having it any other way. But things like this are supposed to happen, forcing you to get back up and reminding you to appreciate life and people around you.

It's also a reminder to stop being such an old lady at, not even 27 yet, get back out there, party a litte or at least try to stay awake after 9PM. Sheesh, I'm such a pain in the ass sometimes haha.

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