Summer lovin', happened so fast..
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 Soooo, I finally got to finish a book that's already been talked about A LOT last year, and even though I showed up a bit late to the party, I'm definitely not sorry I came anyway. Here's the thing, you either love it, or you hate it. I've gathered that by reading/ watching multilple reviews afterwards, and I can, after reading it, see why. The book is called A little life, by Hanya Yanagihara.

 Last few pages of the book were the hardest pages to read out of all the books I have read to this day, but strangely so, were also the most liberating pages. Liberating in both as you can understand Jude's decision at the end, respect it kinda, and it also liberates the reader emotionally. The book drags you deep in all the characters, especially, and mostly, Jude's, and it makes you feel everything his life made him feel. It's draining, extremely hard, but at few, unbelievably touching moments it trigers happines, hope and tingles all over your body. It makes you smile, laugh even, but it mostly makes you cry.
It's sad to know that people, strangers actually, have the power to make someone feel unworthy and make them believe that they are ugly, unlovable and not deserving of happines of any kind. As a child, what you are told, is likely what you'll grow up believing, and even though life somehow, one day manages to push you in the more positive environment, it's hard to change your mind. After experiencing so many bad things, over and over again, I can completely understand how even knowing you're on the better, healthier side now, you can't convince yourself fully, or at all, that you are worthy of way more that you've been told so.

Jude, the main character makes you fall in love with him. He's the most generous, inteligent and beautiful (I can imagine) figure who has infinite love and respect for his friends, but is just not capable accepting the same from others because of the bad people he was forced to be around with untill way too late in his life.

I didn't know what I was getting myself into buying this book, because I bought it based on the cover, but 700 and something pages long book was definitely the best book I've ever read. I highly recommend it.

Everyone deserves to be loved and treated with respect. Is abuse something we can ever win at stopping? It frustrates me that there's so little to be done of preventing it and so many great souls are damaged because of it.

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