I never understood, untill now, how people older than me, could just casually drink a glass of wine during the day with no special occasion being the reason. Untill I grew up, I thought the purpose of wine or any type of alcohol, was to get drunk. So when I saw my family and older friends drinking it for no reason kinda confused me. Though the more I get closer to the big 3 0, the more I seem to enjoy the stuff I didn't exactly know how to appreciate the right way when I was younger.
The taste gets better with age, as Jake Gyllenhaal does, or better yet, it expands your taste limit. Just for a "fun" fact, this week I bought myself a Brie cheese, a cheese I could never get even close to my mouth before, and I finished it, by myself, in less than two days! It's all I could eat from now on. Seriously, bring on the Brie cheese!

Did you ever believe your parents when they said stuff like, you will do just the same as me when you grow up, and just wait untill you get older? Well I do, and my anwser was always the same: "I will NEVER do/say that." And look at me now, sitting in our backyard, with wine in one hand, struggling to write with another, with nothing but cheese on my mind. The joke is on me baby!

All of the above is a strong indictator that I'm getting old as fu#k. That and the fact that I recently discovered that my closet is no longer divided in casual section and night out/party section. My closet is now all casual with a taste of activewear section, so now even if I'd wanted to go clubbing, I basically can't even go. The bright side of this, probably nonsense, fact is that I really don't feel like clubbing right now. Low get-together with, ofc, wine and some cheese (haha) is my kind of party. That and hangouts in the city, spontaneous nights that turn into the best memories.

In exactly a month, I'm getting one more step closer to the 3 0, so just as a reminder, to my future husband, now it's really the time to come and find me.

Untill next time!

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