Good morning everybody! Oh wait..I've overslept the whole morning?!

It's almost 3PM and I've just now awoken completely. It's been forever that I slept so long, and it feels great. I really needed that. Obviously since I haven't even remotely heard the alarm go off.
It has a lot to do with the fact that I haven't had time to sleep for the past few weeks, plus this week was pretty crazy with working all the time and preparations for my brothers birthday/goodbye surprise party, that was, after so much that went wrong, a great success after all!

 Sundays are not only the best because it's literally my only day off work, but also because you can feel the calmness in the air, the noise dissipates for a moment and you can take a deep breath without having to stress about what you all still have to do. What I also love about Sundays is that I wear absolutely no make up. Sundays are a day off for me and my face hehe.

I love spending Sundays a 100% solo, doing absolutely nothing and usually catching up on my book that I can't seem to find the time to finish it. It's crazy isn't it. We live a life where something like reading a book becomes a luxury. We seem to make time for everything else first than for the things, the little things we love to do. I feel like we postpone those little things because there is a voice in our head that tells us that we'll have the time later in life to do all we'll miss doing now, but I think that voice is being kinda stupid.
You never know what life brings you, so you, we, should do what we want to do, or at least take more time to do the the things we forget to put in our busy schedules.
What I would like to see more on my schedule, and I will make sure I see more of, is reading, definitely, baking (god I miss that!), take more time to hang out with my friends and visiting my grandparents even more often.

 This year has started out pretty good and I'm feeling much better than I did. New beginnings and renewed mindset is all we need sometimes. That and a good book!

And if you are wondering, no I don't, nor I want to have a white Ferrari, but Frank Ocean was keeping me company while I was writing this post so I felt like he deserves a little credit.
Plus, Frank's latest album is the bomb so..

Oh and have you seen my new Adidas?? Whaaaaaaaat

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