I was overwhelmed with feelings as I watched Sebastian and Mia's first date scene in La la Land. It was the cutest, the most real demonstration of a first date, and for a moment I felt like I was the one sitting next to Sebastian feeling all nervous and excited of what was about to happen. 
Not a lot of movies these days have the power of  making you feel like you are the one in the movie, much less making you feel like you went straight back to high school hallways blushing like crazy after your crush just said hi to you.
Minus all the musical parts of the movie, because I'm just not into the whole singing dialogues thing, it was a perfect story and it made me think about how much has the dating game changed and how cool it would be to bring it all back. 
Dates should be fun, different..for dates we should dress up not dress down because we don't want to give the other one the feeling we dressed up for them, when in fact that's what we want to do. 
There are far too many games in the dating world these days. Can we go back to if we like each other, we don't have to wait three thousand years to text back, can we dress nicely for our dates that are not just a coffee in the city, can we openly talk about how much we like each other and not run away because of that fact. Can we make our first kiss special. Can we stay up all night talking on the phone and barely wake up in the morning and make it oh-so worth it? Can we?
I love boarding games, I'm all up for drinking games and there are so many fun games we could play behind closed doors, so why would anyone feel the need to play games that can make the other feel sad or unwanted. Only a sucky someone, that's who.
If you haven't already, go and see La la land and see what's it all about. It's about so much more than just their perfect dates and love for one another. It also shows how love sometimes just isn't enough. Which is kinda sad. Sadly real. 
Everything is on point with this movie, it's so real, and inspirational but it has that bitter feel to it, just like life does. It's so honest and real. I've already said that haven't I.
Go and see it! Go and see my instagram too :P

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