I find myself looking at the pictures from my London trip on daily bases, and as I’ve realized today, in my  slightly hangover mood, it’s because by looking at the pictures, I get the same feeling I had while I was there. Which was fucking awesome!  I haven’t felt like that ever since New York, that was way back in 2012, and even though there is absolutely no comparison between New York and London, the feeling both cities gave me, was the same. Well, kind of the same.

It’s not easily explainable, if even possible, but I’ll try.

P.S. By saying it’s not easily explainable I really mean it’s hard to explain and I’ve been figuring out what to write down for the last 20 minutes. Which is trust me not easy, especially because I can barely keep my eyes open due to getting home way too late yesterday.

The feeling I had is the same feeling you get when you feel like everything is where it’s supposed to be. When you feel at ease, and like you can do and be anything.

Just waking up somewhere else, gives me so much motivation and excitement for the day. What maybe a dumb thing for others; I love putting on my shoes, and make a quick run to the store that's just few steps away to pick up something I just desired to eat. I love stepping through the door and there’s something going on all the time. I love the lights that are always on, I love the sound of the cars, the sound of people talking. The constant something.

Taking the subway and observing people is probably one of my favourite things to do wherever I go. That or doing the same thing at the parks.

Big cities inspire me so much, and I need to work harder so I can soon live in one and be inspired all the time, do the things I would love to do and just experience stuff I’m now not. And I’m not being dramatic or anything, but living in a small country, the opportunities are just as small.

As I’ve said it a million times before, I love living where I do. The nature is just incredible, everything is close, my family and friends are all here, but I need, and would love to, live in the big city before I settle down. To experience as much as I can. It’s one of my biggest wishes since I can remember.

Why am I still here then you might wonder? Well because I'm a fucking idiot that's why.
Hopefully I'll get my shit together soon and pack my bags! :)

Here are some of my pictures from London.. xxo

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