While some people say going to bed with make-up only does bad to your skin, others say it doesn't make that big of a difference after all. No matter what theory is true, I try my best to clean my face everytime before I hit the bed. There are times where I get home a bit tipsy and removing my make-up is the last thing I do, or sometimes I'm just too lazy to do it, but besides that, I think cleaning up your face is an important ritual to sustain before going to sleep. Waking up with fresh face feels so good, plus makes applying new make-up the next day much easier. 

 As you might know, I've been super happy with REN products (read about it HERE)  that I've been using all this time for my face, but for the past month or so, I've been testing out a new brand, Corine de Farme, and it's time for a quick review. 

 Firstly, all the products smell sooo damn good! Not too sweet, very soft and natural. 
I got to test Corine de Farme purity micellar water, cleansing foam and refreshing micellar gel. When cleaning my face, I use all three for the better effect. I start with cleansing foam (I love to just do it when I'm showering), then I use micellar gel to brush off if there's something left of my make up, and for the finish, I put micellar water on cotton pad and go all over my face. What I love about micellar waters, is that they are so refreshing and I have no need to wash my face with water afterwards.

 I love the simple use of the products, love the smell, and the minimalist packaging looks so pretty in my bathroom.

 All the products I have, and more, are available online HERE and in all Slovenian shops that are listed HERE. Big biig thanks to Oblak commerce cosmetics for taking great care of me <3

 What are some of yours favourite products for make-up removal?


 For this shoot I've teamed up with a young Slovenian photographer Rok and you've got to check out his work, because he's kinda awsome! Sooo check him out HEREEE :)

 Talk to you sooon, xxo

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  1. Well, I love a good smelling product. So you have me there! :]

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  2. Great products!! Love your photos!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}