{photos by Robert Ribič}

 You've been reading about it all over Facebook, Instagram and probably everywhere where there's an option to share something with everyone, and I'm sorry to tell you, but you will read about it here too. It's Spring tiiiime baby! 

 What I'm most excited about is probably wearing less clothes, wearing my sunnies 24/7, and being able to be outside more and more everyday. I'm excited for reading books outside, catching some pre-summer tan, excited about upcoming holidays and about the MOST delicious coconut nest I make for Easter. They're absolutely delicious and look cute to die for! I'll share the recipe in the upcoming days so you can try do to it yourself! Anyways, I'm so happy spring is here, even happier that summer is now just around the corner (so to speak) and that's a pretty good thought to wake up to.


 The outfit you see in the pictures is my favourite kind for warmer days. I'm in love with this HM dress and it seems like I'll never stop wearing it, leather jackets are hands down the best jackets there are, and the classic Ray-ban's go with everything and I love to wear them as much as I can. These sunnies also have a sentimental value, because these were my grandad's before, and he gave them to me. He's very much alive, if you might got the wrong impression, but I love having a piece of him with me and wearing them makes me feel like a badass thinking of all the things he went through in his younger days.

 What are some of your favourite items to wear in the Spring? :)

 Talk to you soooon, xo 

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2 komentarji

  1. odlična oblekica ! videla sem jo v trgovini in me ni pretirano navdušila, ampak zdej sem pa obsedena z njo,ko sem jo zagledala na teh slikah :D

  2. That dress is gorgeous, I can't believe it's from H&M! All of those things sound so exciting, I'm looking forward to Spring, warmer weather, cute outfits, reading and spending time in the sun. It feels like it's been winter for so long, I can't wait to be able to dress like this. Loving your style!

    My Lovelier Days