{photos by Robert Ribič}

 Good afternoon my friends! We're already at the end of March and I'm amazed again and again how fast these days go by. Just last week days were so short, now there's bright outside till 8PM almost! Last week there were no signs of trees and bushes opening, now the whole garden is BLOSSOMING! I love the smell under the blooming trees, and the sound of working bee's. I could just sit under for hour and hours. Don't you just love to watch nature bloom?


 I've decided to make a new, and super fun, section on my blog, where me and my friend Isa will be making the most delicious and beautiful food for you to try at home too. I love hosting get together's at my place, and I usually do all the food and drink, so I'll also be sharing some of my ideas and tips for hosting a good party or get together here. I would really love to expend my blog in more ways, and I hope you'll enjoy it! :)

As the weather get's warmer and warmer, I tend to start wearing jeans more and more. Hate to wear them during the winter, but all the other seasons, bring them on. Can you relate?

Talk to you soon! xx

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2 komentarji

  1. You look awesome! I wish my white superstar adidas were as white as yours are haha

  2. simply but soooo chic!!! happy friday;))) xoxo <3