{bag Viva's Leather goods, shoes H&M, everything else Max&Co.}

 It's been raining non-stop ever since I woke up today, and it couldn't be more of a lazy day. Waking up to a news, that one of my favourite actors (and quite honestly the sexiest man alive), Leonardo Dicaprio, has won a Golden globe, was the highlight of my day. In the totally non-sad way! I was genuinely happy for him, and listening to his speech for 2 and some minutes was pure heaven. Already can't wait for Oscars!!

 On rainy days like today, staying in, eating food, listening to some good music and browsing through Pinterest is the best way to spend the day. Plus I haven't been feeling the best, so a lazy day was just what I needed. That and Mindy Kaling's new book I've finally got back to reading.
To finish Monday as lazy as I started it, I am now gonna take a cup of hot cacao in my room, put on a pair of my coziest socks and finish a movie I started watching on New years eve and fall asleep after 5 minutes. Not because it was boring, but because I'm quite an old lady lately and I've been way too sleepy to even try and watch it. Anyways, it's supposed to be very good, so I'm excited to watch it now. The whole movie.
In case you are wondering what's on my movie agenda today, it's the new Will Smith's movie, Concussion. Have you seen it yet? Did you like it? I'll let you know my opinion soon!


 Right before New year, me and my friend, and the face of Viva's leather goods, Živa, got together and shoot these pictures with me wearing the coziest outfit ever. Long cardigans, and especially big scarfs are my favourites for chilly (freezing) days. I'm also wearing her black bag that is, as you can see, damn gorgeous <3 Her bags are for sure something you would wanna have, and what I love the most about her bags, is that they are made basically forever! Definitely something that will be wearable for the next 1524+ years! Sooooooooo, check em' out hereeee - Viva's leather goods! :)

Good night for those who will go to bed after reading this, and goooood morning to those who were already in the bed sleeping before I got to post this! :p


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  1. I am all about feeling comfy & cozy this winter season so oversized garments are right up my alley. Your outfit looks perfect. Great color. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  2. That oversized scarf is gorgeous! Love this look!

    x Sarah