{everything Max&Co., bag Viva's leather goods}

 There's not a weekend that goes by I don't ask myself when did I become such a lazy ass for going out. I used to loooove going out and party untill the sunrise, I used to go out at least two times a week and did the same thing week after week after week. I'm not even old or anything, but now I rather do something low key, and something that does not involve high heels and lot's of make-up I'd only have on untill I get drunk as f*ck. Pardon my french. I do still love going out and all, but I do it less. Much less. Like 1-2 times a month probably. Now I'm much more into house parties, or get togethers with lots of good food and just hanging out. I also love waking up with no hungover and baking good stuff I then eat during the whole day. Alcohol is good, but food is sooooo much better, am I right? ;)

 Talking about food, I love love looove croissants and I'm thinking about making them myself from scratch. Thank god for Pinterest! I always find great recipes there, but if any of you have a good recipe, please do share! :)


 This past week I met up with Živa, and we shoot at this amaaaaaazing place, Id:Doma, that has so many beautiful things for home. The whole shop is to die for, and I can't wait to shop there for my own home one day!

 For this shoot we did a styling that's not my everyday look that's for sure, but the dots on dots turned out pretty good even on me! I'm usually going for simpler look, but this was just too cute to pass on! And the shoess, oh my <3

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  1. Cool post! Looking dope in dots héhé

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    Greets Jon

  2. lovely n chic look!!! happy monday;)) xoxo <3