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Goood morning December!

 Can you even imagine how good it feels to finally mouth those words out? I've been waiting to say them for the past year! Ok, not quite the whole year, but I do think about Christmas way too much for a normal person. At least that's what they've told me. (they, as in people who are obviously not as excited about Christmas as I am, or so called Grinch-es; we do all know the movie right?)

 Anyways, yesterday was day one of making home decorations. The main wreath is almost finished, and today I need to make few little ones for each window we have.
I'm not really sure how to explain it, but I just love making this things. I may not be the crafties, let's be real here, but it's kinda the same thing as with the people who can't sing say; I may not know how to sing, but I will sing anyways.
As I do know how to sing (kinda), my craft skills are low. I'm no Martha Stewart, but that doesn't stop me, and at the end of the day, it looks pretty enough for moi.

 One of my many, many, wishes is to once "dress" the whole house in as many Christmas lights as possible, reindeers and Santa's all around, but I think that's gonna require having my own house, since my mom would probably kick me out if I did all that.
Oh well, planning my own house till next Christmas is the new plan I guess.

 Have any of you made the decorations yet? Placed the Christmas tree? ( I'm still waiting for mine to arrive!!) If you have any cool new ideas for decorations please let me know! :)

 Today I slept waay longer than I planned to, so I'm off now. Lotta things to do!

Have a great start of the almost coolest month of the year!! (August is a bit cooler since my birthday is then)

Ciiiiao belli! xx

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  1. oh wow!!! amazin pics))))) xoxo

  2. Super cute sweater dress!! Have fun with decorating and enjoying your fave time of year!

    All the Cute
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  3. Oh how lovely!! This makes me want to go out and collect materials for handmade Christmas decor. Best time of the year! Great pics!:)


  4. Love these photos! Such a cozy holiday outfit!


  5. I am in love with your outfit it's so pretty! thanks for sharing hope you have a lovely holiday:) Do you want to support each others blog by following each other? Please let me know so I can follow you right back:)