For the past month or so, waking up in the morning has gotten a lot easier. Not easier, but sweeter actually. Sweeter.
Waking up knowing my day is filled with things I like, is the best ways to start a day. That and a killer breakfast of course. Dressing up in the morning is pretty fun too. Damn, mornings are so cool!

 It's all about doing what we love and there's no better way to live life than to be doing what we love to do. I believe we're all aware of that somewhere deep inside, but so many of us, even myself, sometimes get stuck on a sideway, accept what we have at the moment, and forget that the road keeps going. As should we.

 I've been stuck on a sideway for way too long, and a little push was all I needed to get back on track. My tank is now full and I'm ready to hit the road!

 To be more clear about what I'm even talking about, I had a job I didn't like and there was absolutely no bright future for me, but I stayed there for as long as I did, well because it was a safe choice. And I probably would still be there if there wasn't for that push I was talking about earlier. I'm so happy that happened, because right now I'm doing all the things that I like to do and I have no intention of stopping that car anytime soon.

 Always be proud, never satisfied.

  The important thing, I think is that we never stop striving towards things that make us happy, and  even though we might not always get exactly what we want, the main thing is that we try, and have a good time trying to get wherever and whatever we want to get. Never ever be satisfied or settle for something that's not just as you pictured it to be.

  Life is really so much better when you wake up with joy and excitement for the day. We all have bad days, no doubt, even in jobs we love to do, but as long as good days outshine, you are on the right track.

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