I believe we all have hopes and dreams about our future, and day dreaming about it is no stranger to my daily thoughts. I have, oh so many, different hopes and visions when it comes to my future, I could literally talk about it all day, every day. Sometimes I think about it so much, I can't fall a sleep at night. No joke. I'm sure you'd run out of all the paper in the world there is, trying to write down every story of how I'd hope my life would turn out.

 As I once said, I don't see dreaming as something that's impossible our out of reach, but rather as a preview of what's about to happen when the time is right. Working for dreams to come true is of course a must, but there are some things I can't work on alone, such as baby, so for that one, I'll let time do the trick, and I'll work on other things first.

 Out of all the different stories that I've been trough (I know how weird this might sound..) in my head, there is one that appears the most.

 It's the one with me in few years, with one published book under my sleeve, cute appartment in West Village, NY, a boyfriend/husband and two beautiful and healthy kids at home. A boy and a girl. First a boy so he would protect his little sister. I would call him Elijah, but some of my friends say it's too much.

 We'd have a bright home with high ceilings, a balcony overlooking the city, a big kitchen, with grey marbel counter, filled with white roses and pink peonies, where my boyfriend/husband will cook for us (because he'll love to cook; fingers crossed), a Swedish inspired office where I would write weekly columns for a local magazine and one of the rooms would be a guest room for when my family and friends would visit. Which would happen a lot.

 Summers in Hamptons, vacations in Slovenia, travelling around the world at least once a year, lot's of baking, lot's of books, great nights with friends,..

 There are so many details about my dreams I don't even wanna start with, because this post wouldn't have an ending, but to bottom line this dream of mine, love, family and a career is what I desire the most for my future. I would have all of that anywhere in the world, but for that to happen in New York, and as much as I don't like to use that word, it would probably be perfect.

 Oh, and we'll have a dog. Golden retriever. And I shall name him Ralph.



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