{T-shirt Liu Jo, skirt Carla G., jacket H&M}

 Do you ever feel like you've wasted the whole night of sleep on countless thoughts running through your head, that leave you walk and look like a zombie the next morning?

 Overthinking was always my kind of sport, but sometimes the mess in my head becomes so chaotic, I wish for an OFF button, just to give myself a little break.
When overthinking, I get completely lost in scenarios I could only wish for, and it kinda f*ck's up my reality later on.

 I know the past is in the past, and we're supposed to only look ahead of us, but with some things, I just can't help myself and look back. There are days where I completely shut the door on the past, convinced I moved on, but then comes a song on a radio, or just some random reminder and I'm straight back to thinking and hoping, and who knows what. Damn you reminders!

 Do you think we're ever able to completely let go the hope of getting back something we've once enjoyed and loved? I'm not so sure anymore..


 Wearing black is not the easiest choice, it's the best one. Am I right?

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12 komentarji

  1. Indeed. The wonder that black is!

    Love these!


  2. so chic! I really love all black looks!


  3. Zelo lep outfit. Lajkam :) x

  4. so pretty :}


    new post


  5. I completely get what you mean! But I think it's also important to keep hold of these memories that keep pulling us back, it's just about remembering that they are in the past and still pushing forward. It's important to remember what has gotten us to the place we are in now so that we can make good decisions for our future and be grateful.

    "Wearing black is not the easiest choice, it's the best one. Am I right?" - I love this! haha

    Rosie x

  6. I know what you're talking about. Sometimes I wake myself up out of sleep because of stress or overthinking. You just have to take a moment to breathe & let it all go. Side note: love those boots.
    :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  7. edgy chic!!! looking good in this all black outfit!!

    Animated Confessions

  8. Hehehe best quote ever about wearing black!! I think you would love the look that I'm giving away on my Insta (valued at $694) since it's very edgy like what you have on now! Hope you can participate :)


  9. ozko krilo in škornjčki - si misliš da ne bo delovalo, pa zgleda noro kul!


  10. I know the feeling, though I think wearing black is kind of therapeutic. You look so badass, so you can tackle anything girl!