Good morning everyone!

 I just woke up, made some tea and now I'm enjoying some me time, with brownie in one hand, The Internship on HBO and trying to finish this post with the other hand. A struggle basically.
There's no nicer way to say that the weather outside has been, and still is freakin' disgusting! I really wish for snow or a cold and dry weather, so there would be some more pre-Christmas spirit, but there's no good news on the horizon. It's somehow depressing really.
Besides the weather, everything is pretty cool, finishing house decorations, hangouts with friends, lot's and lot's of mulled wine..not bad at all.

 With the quick pause of yesterday's rain, I finally got to shoot this sweater I recieved from Sheinside. I'm loving the colour, it's soo comfy and just right for this season. Cute right?

 Ok, so The Internship has just finished, and now it's time for me to get out of my PJ's and get ready for the day. Have a greaaaat Friday my friends! xxo

sweater Sheinside
shoes Zara
skirt Somethingborrowed
stockings Svet Nogavic

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6 komentarji

  1. Beautiful burgundy sweater!

    Made in Mauve

  2. eva! this is such a beautiful color sweater! suits you so well :)

  3. Obsessed with this color. Such a fabulous look, love. A perfect fall ensemble. If you get a moment, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. :) xx

    Fash Boulevard

  4. Res lep puloverček! Barva je top =)