1. OH DEER!  
Only the cutest holiday socks this year! My friend got them for me in H&M and I can't handle the happines of wearing them. This for sure made my day!

 Gooood evening everyone!

 For quite some time now, I wanted to create a new, fresh segment on my blog, slightly different, but hopefully still interesting enough. I've had a few tries before, but none of the segments seem to stick around, so this one, I hope it's here to stay.
Every Sunday I will post a segmet I've named "the happy four", in wich I will share my four favourite things that made me happy in the previous week. A piece of clothing, a view, a thought,..whatever will make me smile or giddy.
 Here are the first four of this week (the first one is on top) and I hope you'll enjoy it!

I would like to hear about the things that made you happy over this week, so please do share :)


Christmas is definitely a holiday I LOVE to celebrate and decorating around the house is the cherry on top. Making a wreath has kinda becamed my "thing" and every year I make it in a different way. I've almost finished it today, but there are still some last touches that need to be done before the grand shooting hehe. I'll show you the final product on instagram sometime this week!

Ahh Jude Law and that perfect English cottage can make any day better! I've watched this movie soo many times, yet it never get's old. Especially this time a year. Wearing my fave PJ, sippig on a hot cacao and watching The holiday swings me to a perfect sleep. Does that sentence just screams I'm single or is it just me? I need to go out more, that's for sure..

Yess, I've talked about REN products before (here and here) and I am just as happy with this new 1 minute REN treatment as I am with all the REN produtcts so far. I'm not a beauty expert, but this makes my skin feel sooo good, seriously! I use it every third day, it's simple, quick and really effective. It was also named best skincare innovation by ELLE magazine.
I like it and I definitely recommend it. Go to their official page to learn more.

Big thanks to Oblak-com for sharing this amazing product with me! :)

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