I hope you all had a great Halloween day yesterday! Mine was super fun from early morning on and it only increased till the late night. This was my second time hosting Halloween party at my place, and I can't wait till next year! Halloween is not that big where I live, so I was very happy all of my friends came, dressed up and celebrate it with me. We ate my grandmas' best goulash, drank some mulled wine, had pumpkin contest and played some games by the fire.
I love Halloween and any type of holidays or parties, where I can hang out with my friends and have a good time. Dressing up is a cherry on top, love it!
Do you guys like Halloween?

Take a look at the pictures of how my mom and me decorated our garden for the party and let me know what you think! :)
Have a niiice weekend everyone, xo

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  1. Ooo kak hudo pripravljeno in okrašeno. Noro dobre ideje.!