Waking up this morning, breaking out of my warm cocoon and hopping straight into one of my favourite Fall dress, I never thought that in just few minutes, I would be freezing my ass off. Literally.

 These warm mornings in my bed got me all confused with the reality outside. Plus, I stopped checking my iWeather app, so you can only imagine me wandering in the dark while choosing outfit for the day. Today's bad jacket choice made a cute (yet freezing) outfit afterall, and sitting in my bed now, writing this post makes it all worth a while. I do think, I'll be avoiding leather jackets till degrees get at least two times higher.

 Besides shooting pictures for my blog, we also taped the second and the last part for a tv broadcast where I am interviewed about my blog. It was so much fun working on it, but I'm kinda scared to see myself in motion. I was never that good at expressing in any other than in a written way, because when I do, most of the times I blurb out the exact opposite of what and how I initally wanted to. It was my first time doing a "live" interview, so I hope my faces were normal, and that my anwsers match the question. The first times are always akward in anything, aren't they? :)

 Have fuun guys and keep warm, xx

dress H&M
jacket Massimo Dutti
bag Zara
scarf H&M

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4 komentarji

  1. Loving the brown on brown on brownie. It's an understated color. Congrats on the shoot though.
    :] // ▲ ▲

  2. Such a great pictures. You look adorable *_*

    Happy Weekend,

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  3. Love the tote!