Exactly today, a week ago (is that even a saying?), I celebrated 24 years of my beautifuly interesting, constantly up and changing life. When I put all the events in one place, and of course momentarily put aside all the problems and frustrations that I'm currently dealing with, I can safely say, as I probably do every year when I really think about it, I'm living a pretty good life. If my head wasn't full of not that important thoughts lingering up there, about things that won't really matter in few years, it would probably save me a bad day or two. But nothing is ever as it should be, and everything supposedly happen for a reason, so untill good days outbeat bad, I'll try and not complain as much about bad days, listen to Sam Smith and get on with my life.
God that man is brilliant! I can't stop listening to him and I can relate so much to his songs. Would looove to listen him live!

Anyways, my birthday! It's honestly one of my favourite days in a year and I get so excited about planning the whole day out weeks ahead and make sure to spend it with people I care the most about and I know that the feeling is mutual. This year it was pretty girly as you can see, and I'm so happy with how it turned out. Big thanks to my mom again, without who I'd probably mess everything up with my super crafty skills. 
I just maybe wish my birthday was on Friday so that the after dinner party was longer, but oh well, there's always next year! :)

I'd like to thank Ginger Lily paper for some of the decorations that were gifted to me and made the ambient even prettier! I wish I'd photograph everything but got lost in time. You need to check out their page for cute party decorations! 

Take a peek at the photos and I'll talk to you soon, xxo

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