{pictures by: Ajda Porenta}

 I drank two cups of my favourite ice coffee on the rocks, watched 2 tv series in between, and in more than 3 hours of thinking and basically doing nothing, still didn't came up with the right opening sentence, so I figured out, to tell you what I just did, and hope to write something that will make more of an interesting sense from the following dot on.

 The past weekend was so much fuun and on Friday I finally got to celebrate 4th of July!! That seriously made me soo happy! If anyone is wondering why I celebrate holiday that's not even mine, well long story short, because I can and I love it! :) I'll show you pictures and write more about it soon, but today (yesterday to be exact, but I was way too sleepy to post it) I wanted to share these pictures with the coolest hat ever!
For being a good host on the 4th (their words not mine hehe), my friends got me a little present at the end of the night, when the sparklers were sparkling and..ok ok, I'm getting a little bit carried away! Anyways, they got me this NewEra cap that I wanted ever since it came out. I originaly wanted the one with NY caption on it, but it was sold out so I got this one, which I also die for! The colour and cute little dots are so cute!
New York is forever in my heart, but I'm feeling LA more and more everyday, so why not put it on the top my head, right? I'm talking nonsense again aren't I? :)

Hope you'll enjoy the pictures, I'm being a grandma today and going to bed early, soo have fun, let me know what do you think about my cray cap and I'll talk to you soon! xx

pants & shirt Zara
hat New Era
shoes Converse

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  1. Clearly one of my favorite pictorials as you rock the stars and bars chucks!!! Love the look, the kicks and the poses. You're profoundly stunning here!

  2. Love it!! another fun and inspiring post from you dear!! so much fun reading it ♥

    New post on the blog dear!

  3. LOVE ur blog :)


  4. Love your style!! Great blog!
    xx Cara