You can call me Pippi


PIPPI. PIPPI LONGSTOCKING. It's that fuuuun time of the year again! Well, it was yesterday, but yaay! Masquerade definitely goes on my list of the 5 most amazing holidays/events of the year (right after my birthday ofc) and I always end up having the best time out and about with my family and friends.
I have such great childhood memories of masquerade days and getting older won't stop me from collecting new ones, dressing silly and just having fun!
This year I decided to be Pipi Longstocking because I looved watching her as a kid, I never dressed as her before AND I got to hang out with Mr. Nilsson, only the coolest monkey ever, trough the whole night! It was such a crazy and fun night yesterday, but today I'm gonna need a lot of mint tea and fresh fruits to make it trough this Wednesday!

Do you guys like dressing up for this type of days? I hope you do, and I hope you unleash the kid inside of you every once in a while! ;)

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