All about an owl


HELLO THERE! It's been quite rough here in Slovenia for a few days because of all the snow, and sleet basically took over everything! We had no electricity, so many broken trees, was truly terrible! Thankfully, the worst is now over. The other good news is that I finally got a new job! It feels soo good to wake up, get ready and be far more productive than I was these past few months. I needed this so much!

Before weather went all crazy, we shoot this outfit and now that electricitly is back on, I can also share it with you. I'm wearing Svet nogavic pantyhose in these pictures and these are one of my favourites.
Their site is definitely my number one place to buy tights. Here's where you saw me wearing another pair by Svet nogavic before.
If you follow me on my fb page or Instagram, you might already saw an owl bracelet that I recieved as a gift by Parada nakit. I love their site, and although I'm not a jewelry freak, their stuff suprised me! I chose this owl bracelet because it was love at first sight, it's black and gold and that's a combination I can't ressist. Beautiful, right? Plus the packing is so elegant and beautiful..on another level. Love it! :)

Have a lovely evening my friends!

skort Zara
faux fur Only
bracelet Parada Nakit - fb
pantyhose Svet Nogavic - fb

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11 komentarji

  1. Črnuče, geto lokacija fotkanja :):)

  2. great outfit! I love your fur vest!

  3. The fur is truly amazing!! ♥ ♥

    New post on the blog sweetie!

  4. I love the fur vest! Been looking for something similar for a long time! xx

  5. Love that leather skort! Looks amazing on you. And congrats on the new job!


  6. Super outfit!

  7. Great tights and leather!