REN: Satin perfection BB cream


SKINCARE. I recieved this REN Satin perfection BB cream a few days ago by Oblak commerce team and it came just at the right time, since I ran out of my foundation. It was the perfect time to try out something new. 
 To be honest I probably wouldn't need to use any foundation on daily bases because I'm quite lucky when it comes to my skin, but somehow, applying foundation has become a habit of mine a long time ago, especially in the winter, so I really stop using it only in the summer. When I search for foundation I always seek for something that's smooth, easy to apply on, it has to look as natural as it can, but at the same time it has to give me a bit more life, glow on my face. This REN BB cream has all the above, plus some more positive qualities, that until this day I didn't pay much attention to (and I probably should have) with any products, such fact as it's silicone free, it protects against UV damage, it works as antioxidant and much, much more. It's cool how on me, it works instead of a regular foundation just as good, and by adding blush to my chicks it looks super nice, healthy and natural.

I'm really happy with this BB cream and I would definitely recommend it to anyone with lighter skin. Take a look at Oblak commerce for more information about REN products and where you can buy them. Has anyone tried this BB cream before? Let me know your opinion :)

As for me, I'm off to bed with hot tea and 12 years a slave on the screen. I heard it's good!

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6 komentarji

  1. Izgleda super! Tudi meni bo počasi zmankalo pudra in glede na to, da že kakšno leto in pol kupujem istega, bi bil čas, da preizkusim kaj novega. :D Kakšna je kaj obstojnost in prekrivnost?

    Si pa super cute na teh slikcah. :)

    1. Men ful dolg časa zdrži, glede prekrivnosti je pa men osebno lih prov ker nimam nč tko za "prekrit" al kako nej rečem :) res mi da tako lepo podlago, če ti bo pa slučajno premal, daš pa potem lahko še pravi puder čez, samo men osebno je tole dovolj in res priporočam :) pa hvalaa! :)

    2. No saj jaz tudi uporabljam puder predvsem zato, da si izenačim kožo. Mogoče pa res preizkusim. Hvala. :)

  2. Kok luškana :)

    Zakaj nikjer ne najdem ikonce, da te lahko followam?

  3. great pics! very nice :)

  4. Great post. :)