Jingle bells


HOLLY JOLLY! I love how in December everything triples up. The parties, glasses of wine, get togethers, make-up..oh the joy of holidays!

Yesterday me and my friends went for a pre-christmas wine and dine thingy, at our usual (and my favourite) spot, Evergreen. We had so much fun playing Secret Santa, eating delicious food and sipping on wine I could never get enough of! So drinkable and sweet. Anyways, we had such a lovely time, I'm so happy with the gift I got and I can't wait for more of these pre- anything parties/get togethers with my friends! The morning after was pretty rough on me though. I had to work early in the morning, got no sleep at all, so after this is posted I'm going straight to my bed! I need to get my strength for Monday last minute Christmas shopping!

Hope you'll enjoy the pictures and talk to you soon! :)

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