Vintage tartan


SPOT THE CHANGE. It took me more than a year (shame on me), but I finally had the courage to make a stop at the hairdresser and make a change with my hair! For such a long time I had my hair long and with no shape at all, so even if long hair is something I love, I'm kinda feeling this new hairdo.
How do you guys like it? Can you tell the difference? :)

Besides the new hair, I'm totally loving these sunny days that have decided to show up. The wind is crazy though! I did not see that coming when I stepped out of the house in just a shirt and a leather jacket.
Anyways, me and some of my friends are going for a quick getaway tomorrow so I'm off to packing now and I'll talk to you soon!

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” 

jacket H&M
hat Kocca
bag Zara
skirt vintage

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