Not everything is as it seems


BEHIND THE POSTED. Let me start by saying that I always loved being infront of a camera, since forever, and there are rare days when I don't want to take a picture of myself or be photographed for my blog. It's my guilty pleasure and I enjoy it soo much every time. I always have fun at the shoots, but I have to admit, the hardest thing for me, is to be serious on the pictures for my blog! I don't know how so many bloggers can do that all the time but I just can't stay serious for too long. I try to be serious because the pictures usually turn out better and more "non amateur", but yes, it's hard! Isn't it?

There are so many goofy and fun stories behind every shoot and I wish I could share every single one of them with you guys, but instead I'll just leave you with some of my favourite "behind the scenes" pictures next to the one that was posted on my blog.

Hope you'll enjoy it and it's FRIDAAAAY guys!! Wohooo :))

P.S.: click on the caption bellow the picture for more pictures.

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  1. Res so orginalne fotke. Sploh zadnja je tako Roar :D Zanimivo!