All of the lights


{Pictures by: Wisible photography}

LIFE IS LIKE A CARNIVAL RIDE. The good, the bad, and sometimes it all mixes up.
As it turned out, I had to postpone my trip to Mexico to next year, but the good thing is that all the excitment before Christmas will most probably sooth me down. I'm so sad not to go and it's definitely one of the down's in my life right now, but that only means the next thing is going to be an absolute up, right?

Few days ago I recieved this cute, burgundy skirt (find it here) from Persunmall and I immediately knew where I wanted to wear it for - theme park right here in Ljubljana! I'm such a fan when it comes to theme parks, but I usually go just for good energy, cotton candy and more of a slow rides. I'm terrified of hights, crazy machines and freefalls! No way you'll see me on one of those insane ones, but if there is something that I am, a great supporter for everyone who decides to go.
Stockings are by Svet nogavic and were an obvious choice to go with this skirt. I'm so happy how the outfit turned out. How do you like it? :)

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skirt Persunmall
shirt, jacket & beanie H&M
bag vintage Grošelj handbags
stockings Svet Nogavic
shoes Dr. Martens

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11 komentarji

  1. prelepe fotkice- tale lanapark je res uber fotogeničen plac :)

  2. Zelo luškano krilce in fotke :) :)
    (Me pa zanima, kako je s carino? Sama ne upam sploh kupovat izven Evrope :( )

    1. tole je blo podarjeno iz njihove strani tko da nism nč plačala, je pa drugač mislm da odvisno od tež 1x iz Singapurja za eno leather jaknco dala okrog 13€ za carino , samo sej odvisno od artikla se mi zdi :)

  3. nice!! ; ]

    new post

  4. perfect in every way!SHALL WE FOLLOW BY FB AND BLOGLOVIN?

  5. - Cool look ;) I really like it !


  6. What a gorgeous location to take nightime photos!

    x karen
    the chic & damned

  7. Beautiful outfit!! :)

  8. Full lustna kombinacija!! I love it :)

  9. the skirt is absolutely fantastic! I got a similar one but in black but you can never have enough skirts in different colors! and I love the location, well chosen!