Thursday morning


GOOD MORNING MY LOVELY READERS! I finally woke up to a beautiful morning! It's so much easier to get up when you see the rays of sunshine through the curtains. Now this is the fall I'm talking about.
Sunshine waking me up, a walk with my dog, fresh juice for energy, meeting with my friends..perfect!
Yesterday I went to last day of fashion week here in Ljubljana and was totally blow away by Maja Ferme's collection! I would undoubtedly buy half of the runway pieces immediately, she was my favourite of the night. I'll post all of my favourite looks later in the day.

As you know Halloween is approaching and I already started to "collect" the decorations for the Halloween party I'm hosting this year. I'm a total freak when it comes to holidays and I love to decorate everything in style of the holiday that's comming up, and if I could, I would have the whole house, all the plates and cups and probably even my outfits covered up in symbols of pumpkins, witches, basically anything that screams Halloween! I can't do so because my mom would probably kill me hehe. Because all of my excitment for the holidays, I was soo happy when I recieved Steamcream cream in cute orange box covered with witch and pumpkins! Oblak Commerce company suprised me yet again!
The cream has the perfect smell of lavender, it's really moist and the thing that's the most important to me, it's quickly absorbed into the skin! I hate it when with some creames you apply it once and the cream just doesn't absorb at all. Fun fact about the Steamcream is that the package is 100% recyclable and the cream is suitable for vegans. I'm new to Steamcream products, but I love it so far, so I can't wait to try more!

Now I'm going to visit my grandparents so I'll talk to you later! Have a greaaaat day :-)

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