The Great Gatsby pt. II


GREEN LIGHT. I've seen The Great Gatsby shortly when it started playing in cinemas and absolutely LOVED it! I'm a romantic soul, so there was no question I wasn't going to love this movie. In a long time I saw a movie that I knew I was going to watch over and over again. Costumography, the music, Leonardo..everything was truly amazing. After I saw the movie in the cinema, I started to search for the movie online but sadly had no luck. 

Every August there is an event called Kino pod zvezdami, Movies under the stars, which is held on our beautiful Ljubljana castle. I always wanted to go and this year I finally did! Can you guess which movie I went to watch? The Great Gatsby of course! :))
The ambience was so amazing! It was a bit chilly, but still soo cool. Stars above us, junk food in our hands, Leonardo on big screen,..and we saw 3 shooting stars! Beautiful.

After all this time between the movies has passed, I finally got myself a copy of the movie on my computer, so rainy days bring it on, I'm ready! :)

Have you seen the movie? Loved it, hated it? Let me know your thoughts about the movie, would love to hear them.


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4 komentarji

  1. loved it; sploh playlista filma mi je čudovita :) mi je škoda da ga nisem šla še v kino pod zvezdami gledat ker je mogl bit kr perfect večer :):)

  2. nice leather jacket!

  3. I haven't seen the film, but I want to do that!
    Must be a great film!
    And you look so pretty!

  4. Fantastic!