Sunday, fun day


GOOD AFTERNOON! Uh, this weekend was so much fun! Actually when I stop and think about it, the whole summer has been pretty amazing so far and it sure doesn't stop now. August is my favourite month of the year and I hope it won't go by so fast. There are so many different fun events going on around my town, my birthday is comming up, I'm finally getting my second dose of The great Gatsby and the sun is back on which means I have planty time to tan. Plus the sales are slowly finishing and the fall collections are filling up the shops. All the good stuff happens in August, you see ;)

So anyways, I'm back to tanning and then lunch time. Have a great Sunday everyone!

sweater H&M
bag Zara

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8 komentarji

  1. Ful lušnaa! Obožujem te črno-bele kombinacije, vedno najboljš izpadejo :)

    Xoxo, Peppi

  2. Oh, čudovit blog!! Si se lepo potrudila! Vidim, da imaš tudi nov naslov! Lepo ^^ In zelo lepa torbica!! ;)

  3. thanks for comment! love your blog and this outfit :) you look cute:) i'm following and waitingmore!
    maybe you will follow back? :)

  4. Super slike in luštno si to napisala (:

  5. res lepa, čist po mojem okusu outfitek <3

  6. soooo much funn... great outfit post, great photos!

  7. Kok si luškana :) pogrešam tvoje objavice!