Late mornings


DAY OFF. Today "we" celebrate the Assumption Day here in Slovenia and even though I'm not religious, I have to say I'm really happy this holiday exists so that I can enjoy my day off. 
I got some good sleep, ate my favourite cereal without rushing and now I'm gonna get ready to work out a little bit. It's kinda chilly here today and with almost all tree leaves on the ground it feels a bit fall-ish already, doesn't it?

What are you guys up to today? If you celebrate the Assumption day or not, I wish you a happy, happy Thursday! See you later today on my FB page and instagram - @evesbreeze ;)

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5 komentarji

  1. Yay za proste dneve! :) xx

  2. Super slike (: Sploh zadnja: mmmm :D

  3. Sledim tvojemu blogu, mi je zelo zelo všeč!:)

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