Floral memories


FLORAL PRINT. No matter the season, floral print is something that always finds it's way to my closet. It's so romantic and timeless, isn't it?

 Yesterday I realised I haven't talked about New York in forever, and today I got an itch to do so. New York is constantly in my mind, and it's so hard not to know exactly when I'll go back. The streets, the people..it was perfect! So many things to do, so many things to see.. The feeling I had when I was there isn't comparable to no other. It's the feeling I wish I had for the rest of my life. You know, when you feel good, free and just so damn right? That's why I wanna go back. To feel what I felt and to see my friends again. Going to Soho in the morning, stopping at Whole Foods to pick up the best yogurts, lunching with my friends,..
I wish that would be easy just as it sounds. But no good thing comes easy right? I'm just gonna have to believe and save a lot of money! Plus a milion other things, but just these two for start :)

  Have you ever visited a country you now just can't stop thinking about? Did it effect you as much as it has effected me? Here are a few of my favourite New York posts if you haven't seen them already... ONE, TWO, THREE.

I'm off to bed now, exciting day for me tomorrow for me! Yaaay :))

shirt & bag Zara
sunnies H&M
shoes Converse

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  1. Oh kakšna čudovita srajčka<3 Super outfit :) x

  2. lovely pics! i love that t shirt!

    would you like to support each other?