Floral magic


{Pictures by: Wisible Photography.}

PERFECT PATTERN. As soon as I saw this Zara shirt, I knew I have to have it. It's so soft, comfortable and blue. Plus, the pattern is so eye-catching, right? I've always loved blue colour, but let me tell you, this last few weeks I've been absolutely obsessing over it! So don't be suprised if the next outfit will include something blue too. Just kidding, I'll take a little "blue break"

It's amazing how much floral patterns are affecting me season after season. If I could, I would wear floral clothes all the time! So pretty and romantic. Have you seen the new H&M swimsuits? If you haven't already, you can take look into my closet. I just couldn't leave the store without them. 
When I think about it, I think these are actually my first H&M swimsuits. On that note, I hope they'll last at least two seasons. Literally so cute!
Does anyone here have any experience with their swimsuits? Good, bad? Let me know.

 Have a greeat Sunday my friends! Xx

shirt & bag Zara
vintage watch
pants S.O.S. 

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15 komentarji

  1. full lepa, taka umirjna kombinacija...direktno za čudovito pomlad <3

  2. Ful, ful lep outfit, zlo lepe slikce! :)

  3. So sweet! Love ur blouse and ur bag!

  4. So beautiful!!!

  5. ful lepe slikce :) pa outfit je <3

  6. Iii res luškano :) jst od H&M vsako leto kupim vsaj en par ker mi majo zmeri ful ful hude modele je pa res da kvaliteta ni lih neki baš- tm leto, dve zdržijo po mojih izkušnjah :/

  7. Sem že gledala malo kopalke v H&M ampak jih nisem zaznala.. Te pa še imajo lep spodnji del.
    Tale srajčka pa te prav poživi. Izgledaš tako nedolžno, vihrava deklica :D

  8. Lovely pictures and outfit! I am loving your top and handbag.


  9. Beautiful floral top ! =)

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  10. love it!

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  11. cool, we have the same bag;)



  12. tale srajčke je res top:) mislim da so meli lansko leto podoben vzorec v s.oliverju. kar se pa tiče kopalk, jst si vedno poleg kakšnih dražjih kupim še kake v h&m pa mi zdržijo kake dve leti sigurno.

  13. Cute outfit! X