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Friday. I finally got the time to post up these pictures we took a few days ago. Some weeks are just crazy busy and the time available is simply not enough. We all get those moments, thinking about longer days, don't we? What if day was longer. Would that give us enough time? Is there ever enough time? I think it would be the same story no matter how many hours would there be in a day. As with everything else, nothing is ever good enough. We always strike for something more. Ok, I'm loosing track here. 
Anyways, it was a busy, but a very productive and also fun week, but it's now Friday, and Friday stands for time to relax, mingle and good food! Exactly my plan for this weekend.

I started drinking water on daily bases a couple years ago. Before that nothing could ease my thirst but juices. Those bad, way too sweet ones. It was a bad, bad habit. Now juice is on the menu only on special occasions. Drinking water makes me feel so much better, and it shows on my skin too. Much less cellulite and soft cheeks! Sounds pretty nice, right. How much change can a water do, and all you have to do is to drink it. 
Thanks to EQUA, I get to drink water from a super cute bottle that you can see on the picture bellow.  
Not only it looks pretty, but it's also made out of glass, which 100% recyclable, plus the taste of what you're drinking from it, is better than from plastic ones, because glass has a neutral taste.

Make sure to take a peek at their page to see all the products, and don't forget to drink water for better looks and for a better feeling! ;)

Have a lovely weekend my friends!

shirt & leggins H&M
blazer Promod
bracelet Asos

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9 komentarji

  1. isto flaško si izbrala :) js ne grem nikamor več brez! Equa <3

  2. GREAT ;))

    new post


  3. Klasična srajčka, ampak vedno lepo popestri :)

  4. That outfit is really nice! Never thought about having a denim shirt under a suit. I will try that!

  5. Jaz pa pijem samo vodo pa čaj že leta. Zelo malokrat da bi naročila kaj drugega. Gostinci me najbrž nimajo radi :P
    Zelo lep outfit.

  6. you look beautiful!!
    maybe you would like to follow each other?


  7. oh honey you look so sweet here! You look great with the denim shirt
    and your nails look amazing :)

    i hope that you can consider visiting my blog as I came to yours, and if you like follow me.
    Thanks in advance!