Winter Lace


{Pictures by: Wisible photography}

I never really thought about what would my life be like if one of my closest friends went away for more than just a vacation. Not untill recently. Period longer than a month was never between us and it's so unreal to think that there will be a piece missing in our everyday from now on. I'm keeping you a bit in the dark here, don't I? Well here's the thing, my friend got an amazing oppurtunity to go to Mexico for three years to study act and it was just this morning she flew off to a whole new adventure! I'm extremely proud and happy for her, but three years? I guess Mexico will be crossed off my bucket list a lot sooner than it was originaly planned. Not bad news, right? ;) 
Thinking about all this, soon made me realize that growing up sometimes means growing apart. The good and the bad parts combined. We can never have everything, so me and my friends come up with an idea to buy bracelets for all six of us that will always keep us together and remind us of our friendship and our memories, no matter where life will take us. Sorta like "The sisterhood of the traveling pants"; she said. 
Ofcourse our friendship journey is not stopped due her stay in Mexico, I'm sooo glad for Skype and iPhone and everything that helps us to keep in touch! Good luck sweetie again if you are reading this <3

How do you like my braid/bun hairstyle guys?? I love it! Always wanted to try it and today I finally did. With my mom's help of course, but hey, I'm not a hairdresser. Well, I hope you like the pictures and hairstyle just as much as I do. 

Have a great end of the weekend!

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shirt & pants Massimo Dutti
bag Zara

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27 komentarji

  1. "growing up sometimes means growing apart."

    Sad but so true!

  2. TOP outfitek... lušna si ful,pa frizurca mi je zeloo všeč <3

  3. wow this outfit is perfect- amazing style.
    love your shoes and your bun.
    lovely greets
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  4. krasne fotke in jap tut js sm že mela tole figico. top je! <3
    drugač pa včasih ravno take situacije še bolj povežejo ljudi. ;)

  5. Uuu, to pa je odlična priložnost za obisk Mehike (: Saj bo hitro minilo..
    Outfit pa je res top: čevlji in torbica sta super. Frizua pa je še samo pika na i. (:

  6. Cudovita kombinacija, obozujem kombinacijo cipke in jeansa!
    Priloznost za Mehiko je pa enkratna, ti kar malo zavidam :D

  7. ahh, fotkice <3 pa lepa figica- ti paše mucho ;) xx

  8. fine bag !!

    new post


  9. Thank you so much <3


    Coline !

  10. Lovely pics!! I like your bag it's so stylish!! :)

  11. lovely shirt! i really like the lace at the bottom look, so elegant :)


  12. I love your pics, are amazings!
    Gracias por tu comentario bonita!


  13. Congratulations to your friend although it will be sad being apart. You'll have to go on lots of holidays to mexico!

    Great pictures! I love your outfit!

    Sarah XxX

  14. Awesome shoes and haircut!!!:)

    And when you really love some one, distance doesn't matter so much;)


  15. Just found your blog and it's amazing.
    Check out mine and if you follow back it would made my day :)

  16. Awesome outfit and i love your hair style! so cool! Great blog by the way! You have a new stalker!


  17. Love the bag!!

    xx Mounia

  18. frizura, cevlji, torba <3

    xo I.

  19. coool look with cool photos all makes perfect. i really like your look, and your bun is so perfect, how you did it?? and your shoes really tempting. love it


  20. Cool blog. I really enjoyed looking through it. Come by mine and if you like it let's follow each other:)! Would love to stay in touch ;)


  21. Lovely top !

  22. WOW!!!

    ciao! this is my new blog

    hope to see you there to be followers again!

    much love

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