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Ok, ok, we all know how to bake muffins, but listen, this simple recipe beats all of them out there! If you use the right cacao and cooking chocolate, and ofcourse yogurt, the muffins are heavenly delicious! I normally use Manner dark chocolate and Manbana cacao. Mixing those two together, like I said, heaven!
And what gives it a really good and slightly refreshing taste, is plain yogurt. Much better than fruit ones, I assure you. Anyways here's the recipe of muffins I always want on my table..

Here is what you need (I always double the ingredients):

* 2 eggs
* 110g sugar
* vanilla sugar
* 70g plain yogurt
* 250g flour
* baking powder
* 50g butter
* 100g cocoa or cooking chocolate

Ps: in case you're wondering, I'm wearing Zara scarf. Soo soft and BIG! Loves.

Step one:
Mix sugar, vanilla sugar & eggs 

 Step two:
Separately first mix flour & baking powder real good and then add it to the ingredients listed above.

 Step three:
Add cacao, butter & yogurt, mix it really good and bake on 180 degrees between 15 and 20 minutes.
+ it's even better if you add small pieces of cooking chocolate! ;) 


and VOILA!

Ps2: aren't this bowls like the cutest? Thanks to my mom who bought it for me! xo

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7 komentarji

  1. This is a great tip!!!!have to try it,thanks!

  2. Wau heh :) bo treba probat :) čene pa lepa kuhinja in še lepše tele posodice :)

  3. mmmm, give it to me babe aha aha :D xx

  4. Those bowls are indeed wonderful! I have also baked muffins and cupcakes myself sometimes. Not all of them were successful. I ll try your recipe!

    kiss kiss