In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves


I read an artice once, talking about woman's curves, how that is what looks sexy on a woman, little bootey, little something here and there, and ofcourse in normal quantity. Before I always tought, even for myself, skinny is the way to go, you know in a super skinny way. But oh my, I'm so glad I didn't starve myself to death. I didn't starve at all if I might add, on the contrary. Pssst...
I still think skinny is sexy too, ofcourse, but now I am more into getting my curves where they belong, and as I said in the right quantity. Curves are sexy. Marilyn Monroe for me is one of the sexiest woman's ever and we all know she looked damn good in those white one-piece swimsuit, Christina Hendricks amazing, Scarlett Johansson breathtaking. It really does look more attractive, more feminine. So why did we ever, and I think we all did at one point, feel like having curves isn't sexy? Maybe is just me. Is it?
I can't even remember when I started to think that skinny is how I should be. Eighter that or I will forever be unhappy. I'm not super skinny, so how come now I'm happy? Is it because now I'm not making comparisons with how a model wore something and how I wear it? Or is it because this time, for a difference I see myself for who I am when I look into the mirror rather than imagining what it would be great to look like?

Oh, and I am sooo excited to tell you that my very first interview was published this morning! It really made day, so a big thanks to WANNABE MAGAZINE! Click here to read it.


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  1. Lepa si Evica, in še 1x čestitke ;)

  2. divnica :)
    Divna si!:)
    Evo me i ovde ;)

  3. great post!

  4. Hej! Po moje je to primerjanje z modeli ena stvar, ki jo nekako prerasteš. Ene prej ene pozneje. Vsaj meni se zdi to tak bolj najstniška zadeva, heh.

    In sem vesela, da sprejemaš svoje telo!

    Čestitke za intervju!

  5. Ful lep post,super napisano
    In super outfit!pa cestitke za intervju,ful je fajn:)

  6. great outfit!

  7. love your blog! follow you now, wanna follow back? xo

  8. Ful lepa! Pa čestitke za intervju. ;)

  9. Love the outfits, great photos dear. I like the little accents on the necklace and sandals. Thank you for dropping by my blog dear. Im your newest follower on fb and twitter? Follow me back? Hope we can keep in touch

  10. absolutely stunning! this outfit looks fantastic on you and I love those pants! xx

  11. Congrats on your first interview! That is so exciting - such a huge accomplishment to be published.

    I agree with you - curves are definitely more sexy. WIsh I had more of the, because they definitely can take boring clothes to the next level. Something about curves makes jeans and a t-shirt look so sexy and elegant in a way that a flat and boney figure can't.

    You're so gorgeous! Love your pictures.


  12. me necanta tu texto i tus fotos espectaculares i naturales

  13. Ne samo, da imas stil dekle - si tudi ena izmed redkih blogerki, ki pise odlicne tekste in te je veselje brat & gledat! Obljubi da bos nadaljevala s temi kakovostnimi vsebinami ;)

    Poljupcek iz Francije,

  14. Nice post! I love it! ^^ You have a great blog, mind to follow each other? :)

    PS: I don't post shits... :p

    See you soon on my blog!

  15. You look super cute!

    xo Jennifer