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“Peace is always beautiful.” - Walt Whitman

When at one point I stop, just for a split second, I then realise how fast time is passing us by. 
It feels like just yesterday I was walking between some of the highest buildings in the world, never wanting to leave, and now I'm less than two months away from my twenty second birthday. Six months went by like nothing. When did the time pass us by?
And looking forward, as good and as exciting summer is, it always ends way to fast. And with so much going on all the time, some of the things just slip outta my head. I do have a little planner and I try to note as much as I can, but sometimes I wish I would have the time to write daily diary. Pen, paper and written words. About my every step, thought, everything. Like I used to. I literally wrote it everyday. So much fun reading it now,  realising how much has changed, especially in my thinking. So yes, I would love to make time and start again, I think it's a great thing to hold.

I love going back in time, and I love how a touch of simpleness and beauty can take me just there. Moderen mixed with vintage. If I could take one room, to sleep like a baby in, to every part of the world , the room in these pictures would be the one. Soft pillows, cute nostalgic accessories, big soft bed, peaceful beautiful.

If you are traveling to Slovenia and you want to feel like home, this is the perfect choice. Right in the middle of the main city. Explore their beauty - Lesar Hotel Angel.

I wish you all a great week and watch out for the sun ;)

dress Ladiva

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5 komentarji

  1. Love your black dress, you look so pretty! Thank you so much for your incredibly sweet comment on my blog:) Hope you have a wonderful day Eva!! Xx

  2. The pictures are beautiful girl! I kind of love them all :) I just drove through Slovenia a few weeks ago :)

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  4. super slikice... love the 4th one!

    xo I.

  5. Kot iz kakšnega filma...