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Summer has officialy started and along with that also long, extended weekends and weeks of  summer/seaside careless fun! And since I'm done with studying for couple of weeks, the preparations for the upcoming weekend are in full run. First stop, Italy. Whether I am gone for a month, a week or just three days, the size of my suitcase is always the same. My mom calls it a problem, but I call it, amm, well.. not a problem? I love preparing all of my stuff for getaways and I definitely exaggerate, but I like to have more choices. I like to play with clothes, accessories all the time, not just at home, so I basiclly take as much as I can with me. Summer and new places are that much fun to dress up.
Besides a big suitcase, I also need at least three small bags: beach bag, city bag and going out/party bag.

Top 5 things, that I never (and you shouldn't too) go to the beach without - beach bag:
 - a hat --> great for the beach, while reading a book, and absolutely lovely for exploring the surroundings and cute summer cities
- a book --> who doesn't enjoy a great book in the holidays
- a sunscreen --> never forget to apply the sunscreen at least 30 – 45 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun, it takes just that much so the sunscreen can absorbe into your skin
- my blackberry --> for nothing more than a great music to my ears
- and last but not least money --> cold water and ice-cream can't never be out of reach, especially water..drink lot's and lot's of water, and try to stay away from any sweet juices

Top 5 things for exploring the city - city bag:
- a camera --> I love to capture everything I feel is beautiful, especially me and my friends fooling around
- my blackberry --> in case of losing my friend on the way, hehe
- refreshing tishues --> like it says, to refresh if it's really hot, or to prevent a stain from too much gelato at one time ;)
- a wallet
- a mirror 

Top things I take with me while going out:
- my wallet
- my blackberry
- a mirror

So how do your preperations and packing go for the summer? You rather take more than less? Vice versa? Let me know your top things to bring with you on your vacations.

Have a great Friday and enjoy the upcoming weekend!!

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 dress Massimo Dutti

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12 komentarji

  1. What great and beautiful dress dear!

  2. Uaau, res ful lepa oblekca! :) Na plažo pa tut jst vzamem iste stvari. :) Brez vode ne morem! xx

  3. Iiii kake cute fotkice; ljubljana = place to be! :D ful lepa oblečica pa blaaaagor ker si že konc; uživi mučisimo zelo v brezkrbnosti poletja :*

  4. i like your backgrounds on the pictures, looks very beautiful!

  5. You have a nice blog ;)!!/D_diyane

  6. Kakšne luštne fotkice & gorđs oblekica :D

  7. Kook maš pa lepe sandalce !! A so letošnji, iz kje so ? :$ Uživaaj v Italiji !! ;)

  8. Ful lepi sandalčki in tattoo :) Uživaj poletje :)

  9. Gorgeous dress, wauw you look so pretty!! When on vacation I always like to bring a lot of bikinis, summer dresses, sunscreen and sandals, then I'm pretty much ok :p Nice tips!


  10. Very nice :)))

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