Tell Me A Berry-tale


Starting with a quote today..

Ancient lovers believed a kiss would literally unite their souls, because the spirit was said to be carried in one's breath.

Kissing, as I remember, was always present trough all of my life. Kiss on a cheek when meeting my family and my friends was our way of a "hello". Shaking hands seemed, and still seems, way too formal when greeting people that I care for. When I was little, I remember spending a lot of my time with some Italian friends on seaside and I am certain that their way of greeting has a lot to do with how I started to greet my friends and family. For me it seems more personal and loving actually.
And then there are romantic (aka sexual) kisses. I will never forget my first kiss. I mean, how could I. It was probably the funniest and clumsiness kiss in my life, and at that time to tell you the truth, it was pretty disappointing too. "When do the fireworks and the Va Va Voom's come in?" I kept asking myself. 
When expecting too much, things can soon become vice versa. There was a romantic twist that night too  though. It took place somewhere near the sea, in the deep night and there was a big moon just right above us. And the guy was pretty cute too. Luckily, soon after that, I experienced some real good kisses and was no longer in the question mark of the whole kissing enjoyment.
Plus, kissing literally has so much positive sides, that is a must in our lives.

Here are the most interesting :
it slows the ageing process
- it boosts self-esteem
- kissing naturally relaxes you- it helps you lose weight

And here you can read what differend kind of kisses mean. My favourite would definitely be the woodpecker, followed by none other than french kiss.
A funny fact - in India the "French kiss" is sometimes referred to as the "English kiss" due to the fact that it more commonly appears in English films than in Indian ones.

I found out so many crazy and interesting fact about kisses and kissing while researching about it, that before I had no idea about.

So tonight I will end up my post with a BIG kiss for all of you my friends. Have a great night! :)

leggins H&M
bag Mango
shoes Converse
jeans jacket & basic black t-shirt Zara

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  1. What a great look! Love black and denim together! I'd love it if you'd visit my blog and maybe we can follow each other?

  2. I love your jacket!:)

  3. lovely text about kissing!
    xoxo from Brazil!

  4. love your style...Would you like to follow each other?
    Keep in touch,

  5. super cool blog hun! Come by and let's follow each other! Stay in touch xx

  6. Like you sunglasses :)


  7. Ovaj post podsjetio me na jedan savršen odlomak ne tako savršene knjige. ;)

    "Nismo se odmah poljubili te noći. Ne odmah. Ali tko ne bi volio produžiti taj čarobni trenutak koji prethodi prvom poljupcu, trenutak kada dvoje ljudi, oboje pomalo zaneseni zaljubljenošću, prešutno odlučuju da će se poljubiti, i to njihove oči znaju, njihovi osmijesi nagađaju, njihove usne i ruke predosjećaju, ali oni svejedno odgađaju trenutak kad će se njihove usne prvi put nježno dodirnuti?"

    I pohvale za stayling, jako mi se sviđa!

  8. Haha, with Your lips it'll be so easy to kiss someone! Really cute! and outfit - also so great! :))

  9. Love all the outfit! Simple but perfect :)