Fame game


Exposure, recognition, attention. These are just a few adjectives that describe how I picture my life to be at one point. Fame and I have always had a thing for each other. They say that opposites attract and I for sure am attracted to fame. The money, ofcourse, is a BIG plus and I am a person who loves beauty. Beautiful people, beautiful food, beautiful house interior, beautiful places. And for that we need money. Once in my life, I would love to experience all the beautiful things, without even thinking that it is going to pass. Going on a trip to an exotic island and knowing that you now don't have to work one year just to pay off all of the loans and expenses you made for the trip.And that would be just one out of milion good things about being famous or how I prefer it: know for something great. As you know I love to write and I love fashion, so I would love to be known for my writing and someday fashion stylist. One day..
I know that there is a bad side involved with all of this too, but fame can be such a good thing if you know how to handle it. And if you have the right people by your side.
I would also enjoy having my own reality show. But with current situation I would probably be the only one starring in it, because no one of my friends would do it and my family would probably deny I'm one of them. Too bad though, that could be so much fun.

Anyways, the shirt! I got this gorgeous one size white shirt on Chicwish and it's just so easy to wear and it looks just like the one I was looking for. You like it? :)

I wish you all a happy and healthy week!

shoes Zara
clutch vintage
shirt Chicwish

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14 komentarji

  1. Kak je meni všeč tvoja iskrenost! Ful fajn mi je brat kaj napišeš!

  2. Sviđa mi se outfit, razigrano, ljetno, izaziva dobro raspoloženje, a ti izgledaš odlično. Bikini battle ide dobro. :) Pozdrav iz Zagreba!


  3. cute!!!


  4. ahahhahahaa I love "twenty something years old.." ahahaha you are like me! :D
    I really like your blog and I'll follow you!!!
    If you want come to visit my blog, I'm new!

    Sofia-The Style Flight

  5. Exposure, recognition, attention = nouns...just sayin;)

  6. + I love the photos:))

  7. Very nice photos and look!!!



  8. Zakon =)) lepe slikce in noro dober outfit!!!
    Visit me :


  9. This is one of my favourite posts of yours. And I gotta say, I love your blog.
    Follow each other? Already am! :)