Bikini Battle: Eva. vs Ania'lysis


5 weeks, one goal - turning my body into parfait bikini shape for the upcoming summer season. My blog friend, who I never actually meet, but have more than one thing in common, Anja aka Ania'lysis, made a rather interesting proposition for me. Bikini battle. We each have 5 weeks, 5 kg at least to loose and 5 blog posts to show and present you guys what we did on our journey to loose weight, what we eaten, what exercises we did, who did it better and most of all, if we made any progress at all.

One week down, 4 more to go.
To be honest, this is really, really hard thing for me to do, mostly because I love food so much. But because we make it a "battle" at least keeps me motivated. And I hate to loose, so I have to step my game up!
Here's how my first week (approximately) went..

Monday: did no exercise, eaten pretty much everything, pretty much everything
Tuesday: forgot my wallet so I ate less, still no workout
Wednesday: as far as I remember I only ate a chocolate "hedgehog" and I ran for about 30 min
Thursday: breakfast, lunch, 30 min afternoon run, dinner + stoped eating after 6PM (I think we're getting somewhere..)
Friday: lunch, dinner before six and 30 min afternoon run again
Saturday: morning workout on Šmarna gora, then lunch and a cake at my friends birthday (can't say no to that, can I?)
Sunday: don't even wanna mention it..

As you can tell, I wasn't a good girl considering the food (and pretty much everything else too). However I did start to workout. And I drink tons of water! But this week I will have to do better. I have a  plan, so make sure to check up my blog to see how I’m doing. It would be great to hear some good advices how to win this battle over. 

Who do you think will be the winner? Can we both make it? Let's hope we can, because bikinis this year are way too great and sexy to hide them.

Make sure to check over Ania'lysis blog to see how is she doing.

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8 komentarji

  1. I know what you mean, wow in 5 weeks, hope you'll succeed! I'll try to do the same, can loose a few more ;-) Like your blog! Thnx for your comment on my blog! I'd love us to become followers! Let me know when you follow me on gfc and bloglovin so I can follow you back!


  2. Sretno i jednoj i drugoj. Vi to definitivno možete! ;)

  3. Nalep si slike od kakšnih hudih manekenk (postavc takih k bi jo mela) na spodbudo :) jst sicer še nikoli nisem probala hujšat sm pa delala TNZ pa je šlo isto tko kot pr tebi prvi teden nekak :D

  4. I love how you call it a battle because it really makes it seem possible to win and battle is a great word to inspire us to do what we want to accomplish! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!! Come back soon!! Love the picture by the way :)


  5. oh gosh, i should join in on this. definitely want that bikini body for summer!
    xo TJ

  6. Fabulous first pic. GOOD LUCK! xx
    Ginger and Lace

  7. Best of luck on your goal. I find that doing weights and strength exercises can help getting a person in shape faster. It worked for me. And some good old fashioned running is also great especially if it's outdoor somewhere x