Bikini Battle: Eva. vs Ania'lysis - week 4


"Rather than aiming for being perfect, just aim to be little bit better today, than you were yesterday."

This past week was probably the worst week of all four weeks of our small project - Bikini Battle. So bad. One day (luckily just one) it actually got to a point where, in a whole day, I ate 4 small chocolates. Four! Sure they were small ones, but do you see where I'm comming from? I have been so good all the other weeks, days, but I think it was just the matter of time when I was going to crack under the pressure of wanting something that once, not too long ago, was on my menu almost every single day, before I started with all this healty eating and living.
But I think that every once in awhile there will come a day when something extremly sweet will be inevitable for me to consume. And that was one of those days I guess. And as bad as I felt afterwards, that much I also enjoyed it at that particular moment.

The ongoing week is going way better than the previous one, I'm back on track, but I'll talk about it next week. 
Today I would just like to share some motivational songs, that I like to listen to while I workout. They give me so much energy and they just keep me going and going. You should take a listen:

And you know how in one in my previous posts I mentioned that I like to "beautify" every meal  I have? Same trick with water. Water is water, but if we just add few mint leaves or couple of chopped cucumbers, better yet a few orange slices or lemons, the water will  subconsciously become better, tastier. It's all in our heads, and if you are not a big fan of water, try to beautify it and it might actually help you. I know I struggled hard and it took me a while to got used to water on daily bases, but now, water is all I drink. That and natural juices ofcourse. Lemonade is my far most favourite for long, hot, pre-summer and summer days.

What are your favourite drinks for the summer? Got any good shake ideas for me? Let me know :)

So, only one week left till the big closure of the Bikini Battle. I will most certainly continue with the workout and healthy eating, but did I loose any kilo's over these past few weeks? Stay tuned next week to find out!

 How do you think Ania'lysis is doing? Click, click, clik through...


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6 komentarji

  1. Ta taprva slikica je res tok kjut eva :)! + high five za vse workoute, js sm šele zdele začela. Late as always, pa prebiram tele tvoje poste ker maš res hude nasvetke :)!

  2. I'm doing that program too! Love it. I'm curious to find out next week Eva! :)


  3. Nice program. Thanks for the comment on my blog and I love your banner btw!

  4. I'm on program too, and i always forget to drink water... this idea with mint is GREAT!
    XXX Ros.e.

  5. good luck

  6. Haha, kaki carici, ful dober projekt! :)
    Drugače pa jaz poleti naaajraje pijem limonado in smoothieje. Pa kak hladen cocktail, ampak to verjetno ni kul za projekt. ;-)