Bikini Battle: Eva. vs Ania'lysis - week 2


Due to my sickness, I wasn't able to post this sooner but here it is.

In the second week of our little "Bikini battle" I have to say I was doing SO much better than the last one. I had a plan and I was pretty good at sticking to it. And I will be holding on to this plan hopefully for a long, long time. Not only I feel much better, but soon I will also achieve the long wanted - sexy bikini body.

So, this is how I do :
- first thing in the morning I drink a big glass of water on an empty stomach.
- 10 min after, breakfast*
- snack before lunch is a must for me, so I usually prepare myself fruit plate (oranges and bananas are my fave)
- lot's of water trough the whole day! 
- for lunch I pretty much eat everything, only in normal portions
- I wait about an hour and half and then it's exercise time*
- after execise I shower myself, calm down, eat fruit or yogurt
- no food after six


What I love to do, to make food more tempting and yummy to eat, is to prepare myself something that also looks nice. So even if I'm not a huge fan of something, it's much easier to eat that it would if I didn't "beautify" it. 
We have so many things to choose from when it comes to breakfas, but we have to watch that it's not too heavy for early mornings. I normally get up at 5.30 AM and this is what I most feel like eating:
  • poached eggs with grilled toast and some parsley + orange natural juice
  •  yogurt and cereal (sometimes even milk)
  • croissant with a glass of cold milk
  • grilled toast with butter


Running. For me the best and most liberating exercise is definitely running. I live in village and we have so many beautiful (natural) running tracks that would be shame not to use. I try to exercise at least 5 times a week, 45 minutes. After every run (30 minutes) I then also do sit-ups and exercises for the arms (15 minutes). I love strapless summer dresses so I have to work on my arms a lot!

Here is a short video of my beautiful running track :)

P.S. I decided that I will reveal the final results (in numbers, kilos) when 5 weeks are over. That way it will be bigger suprise for me and you guys. I weigh myself on the begining and I will do so in the end :)

I wonder how Ania'lysis did last week, let's see...

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10 komentarji

  1. super..kar tako naprej :)

  2. Ej prou navdihujeta me s temi svojimi blogerskim "bikini body" posti :) skos govorim ju3 pa reeeeees začnem ampak zdej pa reees :D uglavnem, kar tako naprej- pridna pa posnetk je suprca, tak sproščujajoč :) xx

  3. What a sweet blog! Love it! Would you like to follow each other? Check out my blog at

  4. love it! super battle :)

    xo I.

  5. I love it!!


  6. this is SO true! aw sorry to hear your not feeling good :( get better hun, rest up and take some vitamin C! Hope u get better soon!!! Hugs from California! xx,
    The Golden Girls

  7. im obsessed about healthy eating and that my friend looks delicious ... thanks for sharing .. gonna give it a go for sure ! xx

  8. I enjoy looking at these photos, Eva! :D

  9. Ful luškan blogec, huda ideja za tale bikini battle-jst jo mam kar sama s sabo :D in super video, te kar zamika, da bi šel še sam tečt :)