Caught in a change


 I once again caught myself next to the computer, with hot cacao by my side and writing. I guess I can say that this has, subconsciously, becomed my new little rutine. Besides that, I  like to have peace and quiet around me when I'm creating new posts. And I tend to take as much time as possible. I never quickly post something just to post it. I like to take my time and do it until I'm positive that it's ok.
This post was just in the making, when my mom popped out and took some pictures of myself in our beautiful backyard.

I was going through some very old pictures and I got to thinking about changes. I don't think we even realize how quickly and without any notice at all changes strike us.Weather we want it or not. Weather we realize it or nor. Sometimes changes are just inevitable. And sometimes we are too blind to see them and it soon leads to a path that we might not even choose, if we'd pay more attention. Not always though, luckily. The truth is, changes do happen, all we have to do, is learn how to accept them. I for sure am not the right address when it comes to accepting something new. On a personal level that is. It takes me a long, looong time to adjust again. But I do. At the end of the day, not all changes are bad. We, I just need some time to see the good part of it and embrase it. And to speak for myself, till now, all of the changes brought something good along the way in my life. Every single thing has a reason. Just for some people like myself, takes longer to see it. So when I look back, when I was like 13, 14, the tipical rebel, dressing up like a wanabee rockstar (yes, you read right), argued with my mom that I will always be that way and had a TOTALLY different point a view than I do now, I'm just happy to say that changes really do happen and even though they are sometimes hard to accept, in the end, the outcome is what it really counts!

So guys, I would love to hear what are some of your writing habbits, I would be happy to hear all of them :)

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3 komentarji

  1. ful lepe fotke, čudovit ambient :)
    a so v steklenički kristalčki? :) <3

  2. ful so mi ušeč tvoji copatki :)

  3. Love your cardigan!!!