You think you know, but you have no idea


In one of the previous posts I shared some of my facts with you guys, but today I'd like so share something more about myself. Mostly just because I like to write, and not much inspires me lately, so I think this is, again, a great opportunity. I might get carried away though...

Most, if not all, of the people that knows me, knows that I am a dreamer. In some point I think we all are. But the fact is, I don't take dreams as something fictional. I rather take it as a preview of what is still to come. I attend do dream a lot. Hope in, believe in, whatever you prefer. It's kinda what keeps me going. And you know, now that some of mine, so called dreams came true it's easier and even more fun to dream. 
I always was, and something is telling me, that I will always be an independent woman. Depending on people sometimes leads to disappointment as I've learned before in my life, so the best way to prevent that from happening is to depend on yourself. In most cases that is. These days being yourself's best friend get's you farther than you or any one else for that matter might expect. Few days ago, after a conversation with a friend of mine, I got to thinking. Who is responsible for our good or bad future in life? Is it us? Or is it the parents to blame,as she claims? Well in my point a view,  every single individual out there is responsible for their own future and no one else. I really do feel sorry for the people who believe that their future was,or is,depended on their parents! You were given a life,the rest is up to YOU! If something goes wrong, don't give up and say "well if my parents did better...", well no. It doesn't work that way. It's like praying. You don't just pray for money and it wil magicly fall from the sky. You have work your ass off to get that money in an actual job and then pray you won't loose it. And even that won't help if you don't regulary show at the job and do as your told to do. Listen, no one holds your future in their hands but you. You write you own story. So make sure it's worth telling.
Another thing about me. For a couple, well actually just one, of personal reasons, years ago, I gave up on faith, religion. I respect people who pray, and see a salvation in that, because believeing in something is still better than not believing in anything and giving up. We all see a light and faith in something. I just choose to believe in myself  rather than in faith. It let me down one time too many times.
I am a neat freak. My bed, always tidy. Everything has got to be in the right place. My closet is colour oriented. Having everything in order allows me to control the situation more. On a personal and hygiene level. I like organization. I make lists, crazy about those! I make lists for everything. Guys I've been with, things to buy, things to see, things to do, everything. It's kinda fun. Like cleaning. I am probably one of, out of not so many, who actually enjoy cleaning.
I also know exactly what I want in my life and basicly in everything. I can be very annoying if it's not my way and I have to fight myself to let go. But I'm trying to improve that.
Not proud to say this one out loud, but yes, I am addicted to my Blackberry. Without it I'm lost. Doesn't feel right. As well as with the phone, I'm also addicted to twitter. It's just fun to read what people do in their free time. Celebrities. You might think it's stupid, but it is how it is. Since I was a little, huge Britney Spears fan, I was always asking myself "What is she doing in her free time?". And now I have my anwser. It's good to know they really are totally normal persons who, just as me, have good and bad days. In any kind of way. So thank you twitter for filling that anwser out.
Everyday I feel so blessed to be living in a family that I am living in. So many things we went through, and we still know how to look on life from positive side. And enjoy our time together, laugh and do stupid things together. And my cousin. My little angel. Making our family even stronger.
Basically I love my life. I love being me, living my life like I do. It's hard sometimes, but it's all worth while. I mean, who doesn't have a bad day or two? As long as the good ones are comming...

Yesterday, after quite a while, I went to the city. Saturdays are always packed up with people. So lovely, I've always loved Saturdays. Today Jasmina took my pictures. Love them. Good right?And I was sooo thrilled to put my All Stars back on.


 jeans Zara
t-shirt Diesel
blazer Zara
bag Aldo
shoes All Stars

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  1. thanks to Jasmina for all those beautiful photos of u..I love all the outfit comfy but very chic..xx

  2. Hudo zgledaš <3 tale zelen blejzr je top!

  3. wa eden meni ljubših casual outfitov <3

  4. Super post, še boljše fotke. Zanima me, če bi lahko izdala, kako si prišla do torbice. pred nekaj časa sem namreč na Aldo spletni strani zaskenirala eno torbico, ki bi jo res rada imela, pa ne pošiljajo v Slo. :(

  5. Cool look! Love evething : trench, Converse, bag :)

  6. that coat is awesome <3

  7. Res lepo napisan post :) xx

  8. love the moustache

    xo I.

  9. Super post, blo fajn prebrat! Navdihujoče! <3

  10. I have almost the same coat.! I love how you look ♥

  11. Your Outfit is really great! I love your Style! The blazer is more than awesome, what a great colour! Pretty coat!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog

  12. You look gorgeous dear! :') wanna follow each other on bloglovin? *.* kisses, KATEFP

  13. You look so elegant, such a beautiful coat <3

  14. so amazing, I love your coat and converse, classy and simply :)

  15. Love the first look :)

  16. i love your looks!!! and your blog!
    wanted to follow u here but don't see the gadget(((

  17. ooo ful luškan blogec! bom večkrat zašla na tvojo stran :)