white blazer


"They can, because they think they can."

 Once upon a time, there was a little girl, who every night was hiding behind the couch, so her mom couldn't see her, and silently enjoyed the episodes of Sex and the city. She immediately felt in love with the city where the episodes took place, and the dresses soon becomed a big issue in her life. Young as she was, she knew in her heart that once in her lifetime she is going to walk the walk on the exact same streets as the girls from the episodes did. Money was never privilege, so she had to make her own plan. Never took it as an obsticle, she soon found a job and made one step closer towards making her dreams come true. The plan didn't go as well as she thought it will go, and her piggy bank suffered severe lack of his kinda food.
Years, and years gone by and still nothing. Drastic changes were bound to happen if she wanted to push herself in the long - wanted. She did, and as few years gone by, she finally comed to a stage in her life where she was proud to buy herself a very first plane ticket into the new world. She was the happiest girl in the world. The timing was perfect to. Just few months before flying to her dream city, she turned twenty one years old.

to be continued...

Bare legs, skirts, dresses and white blazers are yet opening the season. And I still look sooo pale! I need to get some colour. But today I just had to wear this gorgeous white blazer that my mom suprised me with. The cut and colour are just beautiful, perfect for me. I do have to get some new shirts and blouses for it, my closet is not yet fully prepared for the warm days. I am fully into white clothes this year though. What about you guys? Liking the white blazer trend?

I wish you all a great, energetic, sun, love full week that's ahead of us! Spread the love :)

 bag Olsen
jeans Zara
blazer Promod
t-shirt Forever 21

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13 komentarji

  1. Lepe fotke pa FULL mi je vsec T-shirt!

  2. love the bag and the t-shirt...

    xo I.

  3. kok luškan blazerček :)

  4. Oh i love ur blazer..the bag is gorgeous as well..xx

  5. blazer is perfect!
    your smile is amazing!:))

  6. love the blazer and t-shirt!!



  7. love the blazer, so beautiful :)

  8. love the outfit, especially your tee, so cool :)


  9. nice photos! follow you, if you want visit our blog and follow us back, we´ll happy fort it!


  10. Nice outfit! Love your top! :)