Party in the USA


No special significance in the title guys. I just overheard Miley Cyrus song and it reminded me of all the fun times in NYC. Anyways, today I finally had the time to catch up with some of the fashion shows  happening in Paris these days.I heard no good about LV, but I kinda liked the pieces and the whole show actually. Not all I would wear, but I wouldn't mind having some other pieces in my closet eighter. Loved the electric blue with Paco Rabanne (plus one greek look-a-like white/golden dress - gorge!). Hated this years Chanel scene, and I wish it would stop just with the scene. And on Castelbajac show, after a long time with no rain and sun making their magic, I saw a rainbow with the touch of black? Me no likey.
So, if I was in Paris, this is how my through-the-day outfit would look like. The cute lil thing in my hand is vintage, one of a kind genuine snake skin purse. Beautiful. Love it.
This week is  finally comming to an end and I can't wait so sit down on couch with a glass of wine and Summer&the city (The Carrie diaries #2) in my lap, catching up with my friends and spend some time with my fam. And with the weather being all good, I will start with some outdoors exercise.
What are you guys up to? It's gonna be a sunny weekend..embrace it!


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leggins&cape H&M
necklace Topshop
parka Zara
bag vintage

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11 komentarji

  1. Awesome outfit! :D
    Xoxo, Peppi

  2. parka in pink dodatki so mi ful všeč! =)

  3. Fin outfit! Lak mi je ful všeč!

  4. I just love the bag!!

  5. amazing coat!



  6. haha pretty pictures!
    i like your nail polish and your necklace :D
    pink is an adorable color, ya knwo?

  7. nice doll!:))

  8. Parka in nohti zmagajo ;)

  9. Your jacket is so cute and I love the nail´s color *